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Conveyancing is the legal and administrative work involved with buying and selling property or land. It starts when the buyer and seller agree a price, and ends when the sale is complete.

CMS will handle your conveyancing without fuss, but we always want our clients to know what’s going on. Here’s a quick guide to what happens at each stage.

First of all we will provide you with a fixed quote.  Once the quote is confirmed we will instruct your conveyancing lawyer / solicitor, who will write to you to ask you for some basic details: proof of your identity and details of your mortgage offer.

Before you exchange contracts

This stage normally takes between 6 – 8 weeks.

When you have an offer accepted and get a survey done, you and your lawyer will quickly have access to a lot of information, including: local authority search results title deeds leasehold agreement (if it’s a leasehold property) your mortgage offer

Your solicitor will review these documents and report to you either in writing or face to face.  At this stage your solicitor will also arrange for you to sign the contract.

Read it carefully and ask if you have any questions. When you’re happy with it, sign the contract and return it to your conveyancing lawyer.

Your solicitor will ask for your deposit on the place you’re buying and will agree the completion date.

Exchange, completion and afterwards

There’s normally a space of two weeks between exchange and completion, but you can exchange and complete on the same day if you need to.

When your deposit has been received, your solicitor and your buyer’s solicitor will formally exchange contracts, meaning you’re both legally obliged to go ahead.

Your solicitor will get a completion statement ready: this sets out all the details of the financial transaction. They’ll also check with the Land Registry that the title deeds are in order and that nothing has changed since you made your offer.

When these checks are complete, your solicitor will prepare a transfer deed, and send you a copy to sign and return. They’ll then send this on to your seller’s solicitor.

This is also when your solicitor will ask for funds from your mortgage company to pay for your new property.

If you are also selling at the same time your solicitor will exchange on the purchase and will agree the same completion date.

On the agreed completion date, your lawyer will pay the seller’s solicitor what you owe – and you’ll own your new place.

Once the conveyancing has been completed, your solicitor will tie up the remaining loose ends: pay the stamp duty and send the transfer deed to the Stamp Office register the transaction at the Land Registry get a revised title deed showing that you own the property, and send it on to your mortgage

CMS have been established since 1995 providing legal conveyancing services to the general public and also interediaries such as mortgage brokers and estate agents. The CMS directors have many years of experience of working in the conveyancing industry. .

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